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Canyon Road and Santa Fe’s Eastside Neighborhoods

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This part of the city’s most notable feature is Canyon Road, home to some of the best galleries in the nation and a major destination for visitors to the City Different.

Some of the other well-known streets in this part of the city include the Old Santa Fe Trail, Old Pecos Trail and many other historic routes. St. Michaels Drive divides MLS areas 3N and 3S.

This area features some notable historic homes. When people talk about “Santa Fe style”, many of the properties on the Eastside are good examples of what they’re describing. A lot of the photographs you’ve seen of Santa Fe over the years were probably taken somewhere in the Eastside neighborhoods.

Listings for real estate in this part of the city include the types of properties that many people dream of owning. To add to the atmosphere created by the historic homes and the many galleries in this area, the Eastside is rich with museums and other destinations. There are plenty of great places to dine, go out for an evening and more.

It’s very close to the Plaza, as well, which makes it a wonderful choice for people who want to be near the center of activity in Santa Fe.

Adobe Galore

A good number of people searching for residential real estate in Santa Fe are looking for adobe, and this area of the city offers plenty of houses that feature authentic adobe construction.

Vigas and beams, fireplaces, very private lots and interiors that are filled with natural light are all common here. The diversity of architecture and the easy access to so many of the city’s most popular attractions make the Historic Eastside, as it’s sometimes called, consistently popular.

Santa Fe’s Eastside continues to be a favorite choice of artists and people in related fields, but anyone can appreciate the beauty of the real estate found here.

If you want to tour the area, get in touch. You can also search for listings and, if you see something that piques your interest, schedule a showing!