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Bustling Cerrillos Road

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Cerrillos Road is one of the major commercial areas in Santa Fe. If you’re visiting town, you might choose to stay at any one of the many hotels and motels along this road.

There are numerous stores and services available along Cerrillos, so the traffic can get heavy at times. It’s been improved to make it much easier to drive, and less congested, than it once was.

There’s great Santa Fe commercial real estate along Cerrillos road. The traffic is more or less constant, so it’s a popular place to set up shop.

The road runs all the way to I-25. The intersection of Airport Road, Cerrillos and Rodeo Road, toward the south of town, has a development that features a variety of different stores. The Santa Fe Place shopping center, which used to be called the Villa Linda Mall, is also located here.

From the Plaza, it takes about 10 minutes to get to Interstate 25 via Cerrillos; give or take according to the amount of traffic.

Neighborhoods in the Area

The areas that surround Cerrillos, 4S and 4N, have a variety of residential real estate, in addition to the commercial real estate along Cerrillos itself.

These tend to be among the most affordable neighborhoods in Santa Fe. There are great family homes in these neighborhoods and the ready access to so many resources makes it a convenient place to live. There are also condominium properties available in these areas, so it’s a good place to look if you want to see a variety of different options.

To take a look at residential real estate in this area, use the 4S or 4N search pages, check My Listings or real estate listings from the Santa Fe MLS.