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Estancia Primera: Real Estate Near the Plaza

Estancia Primera is located very close to the Plaza, off of Hyde Park Road, making it a desirable location for Santa Fe real estate. There are several neighborhoods located within this subdivision, and each one of them has its own neighborhood association. There’s also a community center within Estancia Primera that offers both recreational and practical amenities.

Estancia Primera Neighborhoods and Resources

Each of the nine different neighborhoods within this subdivision has its own style. The neighborhoods include a mix of types of housing, from single-family, detached homes to townhouses and condominium properties.

The nine different neighborhoods in Estancia Primera include:

  • Altamira
  • Aspen Compound
  • Cresta
  • Cumbre Vista
  • Kachina Hills
  • La Viveza
  • Los Altos
  • Los Altos Norte
  • Los Nidos

The Estancia Primera Community Services Association maintains a website where you can find information on neighborhood representation, policies and more.

The Plaza is only a mile from Estancia Primera. For residents who don’t feel like checking out the city, the Culpin Recreation Center has plenty of facilities. This facility is only open to people who own homes at Estancia Primera and their guests. It has workout and sport facilities including a tennis court, racquetball court and a swimming pool. There’s also a meeting and entertainment room located at the recreation center. The facility can be reserved by residents of Estancia Primera.

With plenty of attractions located very close to the subdivision and ready access to the various events on the Plaza, Estancia Primera is consistently popular.

Real Estate Near the Plaza

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