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Santa Fe Neighborhoods and MLS Areas

The Santa Fe MLS uses a system of areas to divide up the city and surrounding environs. You can see them listed at the bottom of the page. Click on the name of any of the MLS areas to go to a search page with residential real estate and land listings .

In practice, you’re not going to find everyday people referring to the various parts of Santa Fe by these designations. If you ask someone who isn’t a Realtor for directions to area 3N, or try to find a guidebook for area 1NE, you’re not likely to have much luck. The articles listed directly below and before the MLS area links describe various parts of the City Different as people tend to refer to them in everyday life: Canyon Road, the Eastside, Airport Road, etc. These will give you information about Santa Fe in those terms, and they all link to the corresponding Santa Fe MLS search areas.

Take your pick! If you want to explore via MLS areas, click on the appropriate links. If you want to learn about a subdivision, neighborhood or community, click the  link below! You can also just view My Listings or Santa Fe Listings for the entire city.

Popular Neighborhoods and Areas in Santa Fe

La Cienega Real Estate

Canyon Road and Santa Fe’s Eastside Neighborhoods

Historic and Beautiful Tesuque

Bustling Cerrillos Road

Eldorado at Santa Fe

Estancia Primera: Real Estate Near the Plaza

Las Campanas

Los Miradores

Museum Hill

Tano Road


Santa Fe MLS Real Estate Areas:

Click on any link below to visit the search page for the corresponding Santa Fe MLS area.

Santa Fe Northeast

Area 1NE

Santa Fe Northwest

Area 2NW

Santa Fe City Southeast (Northside)

Area 3N

Santa Fe City Southeast (Southside)

Area 3S

Santa Fe City Southwest (Northside)

Area 4N

Santa Fe City Southwest (Southside)

Area 4S

La Cienega & La Cieneguilla

Area 6

South and West of I-25

Area 7


Area 8


Area 9

Hwy 285

Area 10

Hwy 14/County Rd 42 East

Area 11

Madrid/Los Cerrillos

Area 12


Area 25

Northwest Quadrant- North

Area 25N

Northwest Quadrant- South

Area 25S

Southwest of City

Area 26

Airport Road-Agua Fria

Area 13

Eldorado Subdivision

Area 14

Tesuque Area

Area 15

Pojoaque Valley

Area 16

Far South Sf County Area

Area 17

Bernalillo County

Area 18

Las Campanas

Area 24