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Eldorado at Santa Fe

MLS Area: 14

Eldorado is located to the southeast of Santa Fe’s Plaza. There are several different subdivisions within Eldorado and more than 2,000 houses.

This part of the city boasts a shopping center, along with space for offices and a community center. Eldorado also has a recreation center and its own library. Essentially, it has just enough resources that one doesn’t need to make their way into Santa Fe to pick up groceries, get a workout in or, in some cases, make it to the office.

Real Estate in Eldorado at Santa Fe

Eldorado residential real estate offers a mix of different building styles. Real estate in Eldorado has performed well over the years. There is a selection or homes here with ample square footage, some of them on large lots.

This area of the city also has horse properties available, and there are plenty of places to explore nearby. If you like to ride, Eldorado is a good place to look for real estate in Santa Fe.

If you want to live a bit outside the City Different, Eldorado is definitely one of the places where you might find the perfect property. The commute time is very short—it’s only 15 miles from the Plaza—and the freeway makes it a convenient drive.

When you go back home to Eldorado, you can look forward to spectacular views, plenty of space to call your own and just about everything you need right at your fingertips.